Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hi Suzy,
These would be really interesting ideas to work with - particularly that feeling of compressed energy bursting outwards. Formally they give the sense of something exploding, dense in the middle and then breaking out into space.
I saw the Rachel Whiteread piece in psycho buildings. Overall I found the show an interesting experience to enjoy with a toddler (Zola loved it). Perhaps this affected my take on it all - very immediate and experiential, not terribly deep. What did you think about the Whiteread piece?
I've just been looking around at shows that are on or coming up and found some information about a show by Monika Grzymala opening soon at the drawing room.
Its interesting that she measures the lines of tape in her drawing installation in kilometres. Its as though she's trying to create the intensity of the city's time and space through the repetitive lines on the gallery walls.
Must go as its late. Keep me posted on how your ideas develop.
Rachel x

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