Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hi Suzy,
This will be a very quick post as its valentines day and i'm being very anti-social working with some new ideas...
I've been looking at a schematic diagram of the new road system Thomas Sharp proposed for Oxford in the 1950's. There is an elegance and sense of order in the diagram (and throughout Sharp's proposals for Oxford) which defies the organic and disorderly way in which cities usually grow. In some ways this reminds me of the themes we explored at Thamesmead where we saw the control of the town planners come into conflict with the way people lived in and used their homes.
I have been playing around with the friction between the plan and the actuality in this image. I envisage that this might become a plywood cut-out where we paint images from the ring road (and perhaps the peripherique?? - not sure but something to consider) on some of the sections.
Must go for now.

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