Sunday, 28 February 2010

more Landy

Was wondering about Oxford / Paris Correspondence and how we made art from very little, or things considered without value - literally discarded. How does it relate to ideas about giving art value? It probally has little relationship now. It's the opposite of contracts medieval artists had with a church they were being commisioned by, where the amount of lapis lazuli and gold leaf in a madonna would be specified.

I went to the closing party. It was interesting to see the types of work people had thrown in. Lots of big painterly painting. What people decide is a failure is to a large extent about the contemporary situation and that is a collective thing.

Michael Landy Art Bin

Hi Rachel,

I took one of our postcards to the Art bin at the South London Gallery last weekend. Michael Landy was there and asked me about it. It was one of the bourse de travail or job centre designed by Niemeyer in the northern Parisian suburb of Bobigny.

I guess he wants to make sure that people aren't coming and putting their rubbish in it. But I had to fill in quite an official form about rights to the work and it was archived. I was looking at his tweet and he was talking about peoples contributions. He seems to value things sent from a long way or where there is alot of effort or loss involved.