Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hi Rachel,

I'm really fascinated by the image of the mattress and the shadows it throws. I've keen to work with it, perhaps making a bigger statement than in the objects I've been working with so far. In some ways it seems quite complete in itself in the photos that Mike took, and whatever intervention happens needs to not detract from it but also be quite confident.

I think what I like about the mattress is that it suggests several different things which are all relevant to our project:

The way the springs overlap and interlink, are like exchanges of information and ideas, in an anarchic and unpredictable way. In the invite there seems to be this sense in the way you have incorporated it into the design.

The springs and shadow suggest roads or underground networks.

But it is also like a city in itself. With a compressed energy that is trying to burst out of its confines (connected with ideas about boundaries)

I'm interested in trying to explore this last meaning more. Maybe placing imagery or objects near or around it that make this meaning more explicit.


P.S. Take a look at Rachel Whiteread's piece in Psycho Buildings http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/visual-arts/hayward-exhibitions/psycho-buildings/artists

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