Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Ring roads

Hi Suzy,
I had a couple of other thoughts about the ring road idea.
It might be interesting to make both Oxford and Paris ring road to
scale and display them together so the piece gives a sense of the size
of each city. this started me thinking about the original oxford city
wall which would have included a very small area of the modern city. Maybe we
could work with this as well?
Also I'm thinking about how the city grows in an organic way and its
boundaries can be quite blurred as it grows and incorporates villages
and suburbs as opposed to the ring road which creates a bold and
definite division around the city. I'm interested in the way the ring
road divides up areas and is an artificial boundary and the conflict
between the city's organic growth and the clarity of the ring road.
I've been wondering about ways we might explore this in some
collaborative drawings - perhaps as studies for work we might make in
the show.

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Alissa said...

Hey, I really like your pictures and they are really cool.