Wednesday, 7 July 2010

work in progress

Hi Rachel,

This is to give you a sense of how things are developing with the piece for the Art and Architecture show.

The images I had been working with, the photos i took of the buildings and grounds were naturally quite geometrical and felt a bit restrictive with the projection. My starting point for where i have got to now was the plastic cover for B's alphabet stamps (that came free with a newspaper). When projected it reminded me of an ariel view of a group of buildings. So I started working with a google earth image of Brunel University, and cutting into and painting onto the plastic.

I painted onto some paper on the wall to try and give a sense of how the projection might work with a wall painting. I'm not sure its totally successful, but I could imagine it working if the painting was a bit more pared down and selective. I really like working with this push and pull between the projected image and the painting.

A couple of images also of using different materials with projecting.

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