Friday, 10 April 2009

Isabelle Krieg show

Hi Rachel,

I've just seen a really magical show at Substitut Gallery in Berlin. 'Kompost' by Isabelle Krieg. The first room was a collection of household and kitchen items of furniture and utensils which were covered with compost and seeded, with grass sprouting up from a rich black soil. I've seen work using plant growth before, but it was the way it was happening on these everyday objects which made for an erie and slightly comic juxtaposition. As if you are looking at a situation with a time lag.

There was also a piece with piles of 'dirty' coffee cups on a tray. The stains and foamy residues formed faces who look like political figures or media images from newspapers. Such an everyday object, but the imagery is really clear. There feels like a humour again in the media.

And some dead leaves with what look like casual holes and on closer inspection are world maps.


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