Saturday, 14 March 2009


Hi Suzy,
I realise that I haven't been posting about the work that I've made/been making for a long time so will put up some images now.
The first image is a detail of the construction i've made with 332 pieces of mdf fixed together with hinges. This is closely related to the construction i made for 'sprawl/what gets carried by the river' as it uses a similar process and has a sense of order and randomness/chaos.
I am not quite sure why or how, but I became interested in the proportionate lengths of the A and B roads in Oxford in relation to the residential/un-classified roads in the city. I managed to get hold of data from the Oxfordshire highways agency about this and found that there are 272km of unclassified/c roads in Oxford as against 41km of A road and 19km of B road. I imagined the unclassified roads as a sprawling unruly mass and I think this feeling is coming over in the construction which has 272 grey blocks for unclassified roads, 41 red blocks for the a roads and 19 for the b road. I haven't seen it all together yet. It has been made in several parts.
We have talked a bit about the springs on previous posts, but here are images of the lasercut mdf.
R x

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