Thursday, 17 April 2008

re Team 10

Hi Suzy,
The Team 10 exhibition sounds interesting - especially as you could see the dialogue that took place between European architects.
I like the way you describe the displays, and the idea that we might use similar approaches in the way we display our work. Did you take pics of the exhibition? It would be so useful to see. There is an element of deconstruction and re-invention in the way we work and a multi-faceted and organic means of displaying material makes sense with that. I think there was an element of this in 'New for Old' but it would be exciting to push this much further.
The way medieval architecture informs a new build in Giancarlo de Carle's referencing of the medieval city of Urbino in his designs for 'Collegio dell Colle' is very interesting. Perhaps we could find out more about this? Again, this relates to our on-going interest in the medieval city.
I really like the idea of pushing the use of flexibility in our work and encouraging more interactivity. Again, 'Sprawl/what gets carried by the river...' had this potential, and I think some parts were re-arranged by children (!), but we could make this an integral part of the work.
Was there a catalogue for the show? Perhaps I can get hold of a copy.

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